Diamond Covered Rose Gold & Dangling Natural Diamonds Earrings

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Step into a world of enchantment with these exquisite earrings. Boasting an intricate oriental paisley design that exudes elegance and allure, these earrings were crafted in lustrous 18K rose gold with a captivating swirl of intricate patterns reminiscent of the mesmerizing paisley motifs found in the Far East.

Adding to the enchantment, the earrings are adorned with a delicate cascade of dangling rose-cut natural diamonds, which gracefully follow the bottom of the swirling paisley. The soft glimmer of these diamonds creates a subtle and enchanting dance of light, catching every gaze with their radiant beauty. The center of each paisley swirl is embellished with a mesmerizing rose-cut natural diamond, further enhancing the earrings' opulence and lending a focal point to the intricate design. These dazzling center diamonds captivate with their unique faceting, creating a play of light that amplifies their brilliance. Completing the artistic allure, each earring boasts a rose-cut natural diamond at the stud, adding an exquisite touch of sparkle that catches the eye from every angle.

The choice of 18K rose gold for the setting complements the elegance of the design, enhancing the overall richness and warmth of the earrings. The secure and comfortable earring backs ensure that you can wear these pieces with confidence, making a bold statement of sophistication and individuality. Finishing the elegance, brilliant round diamonds speckle the rose gold, covering the artistic design in top to bottom brilliance and fire.

With their striking combination of oriental paisley motifs and diamonds, these earrings are a true work of art, a testament to the beauty of design and the allure of nature's treasures. As you wear them, you'll be transported to an era of grandeur and mystique, radiating an air of enchantment and sophistication with every movement. These earrings are not merely accessories; they are cherished companions that tell a story of beauty, wealth, and timeless elegance.

Main Stone

Rose Cut Natural Diamond

Weight 6.02 Carats

Secondary Stone

Brilliant Round Natural Diamond

Weight 3.04 Carats


18K Rose Gold

Weight 18.26 Grams