2.01 Natural Fancy Pink Earring

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Elevate your jewelry collection with these remarkable drop earrings, each a true masterpiece in design and elegance. These earrings feature a harmonious blend of unique and rare diamonds, meticulously set in luxurious 18k gold to create a captivating visual symphony.

At the heart of each earring is a captivating cushion-cut diamond, each one carat in weight and showcasing distinct and enchanting hues. One earring boasts a 1-carat very light pink cushion diamond, reminiscent of delicate blush tones, while its pair features a 1-carat very pinkish brown cushion diamond, offering a rich and warm contrast. These two exceptional diamonds are both certified by GIA and offer reliable quality as well as hues of pink that not only complement each other beautifully, but also demonstrate the grace and uniqueness of natural diamonds.

Surrounding these centerpieces are brilliant round white diamonds, artfully arranged to encircle and accentuate the pink diamonds. The white diamonds add a touch of brilliance and contrast, enhancing the allure of the colored diamonds and creating a dazzling interplay of light and color. To finish the the striking masterpiece, a small band of more pink diamonds create a final ring of soft hues that add the perfect amount of contrast to the white diamonds and reinforce the allure of the pink cushion center stones.

Grounding the entire earring is a pristine white oval diamond which serves as a radiant anchor, creating a balanced and captivating silhouette. This design choice ensures that the ensemble of diamonds remains securely suspended, offering a fluid and graceful flash of pink and brilliant light displays with every step.

The entire visible metal framework of the earrings is also adorned with diamonds, adding an extra layer of opulence to the design. The 18k gold setting not only provides a luxurious and warm backdrop for the diamonds but also offers durability and lasting beauty.

These earrings are a true expression of refined taste and individuality. They seamlessly blend rare colored diamonds, white diamonds, and 18k gold into a unique and captivating composition. Whether worn to make a statement at a special occasion or as a cherished daily accessory, these earrings are a testament to your appreciation for the extraordinary and your commitment to timeless elegance. They are destined to become a cherished heirloom, a symbol of your unique style, and an everlasting source of admiration.

Diamond 1 Detail

Color Very Light Pink

Clarity SI1

Shape Cushion

Weight 1.0 Carats

Certified GIA5202224210 AG1612 N

Diamond 2 Detail

Color Very Light Pinkish Brown

Clarity SI2

Shape Cushion

Weight 1.01 Carats

Certified GIA5202462668 AG1761 N

Diamond 3 Detail

Color White

Shape Oval

Weight 1.52 Carats

Extra Pink Diamonds

Weight 0.50 Carats

White Diamonds

Weight 1.13 Carats

Metal Information

18K White & Yellow Gold

Weight 9.7 grams