7.29 Carat Rose Cut Cluster Ring 18K Gold

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Introducing our exquisite Rosecut Cluster Ring, a true masterpiece that combines the timeless allure of rose-cut diamonds with the opulence of 18K gold. This ring is designed to adorn your hand with elegance and grace, offering a captivating blend of classic beauty and modern sophistication.


- Rosecut Diamonds: This ring features a stunning cluster of rose-cut diamonds, totaling 2 carats. Rose-cut diamonds are known for their unique facet arrangement, giving them a romantic and vintage appeal.

- 18K Gold: Crafted in luxurious 18K gold, this ring weighs approximately 7.29 carats, epitomizing opulence and ensuring longevity.

Elevate your jewelry collection with the Rosecut Cluster Ring, a captivating blend of natural beauty and modern elegance. Make a statement that will be remembered on every occasion. Secure this stunning piece today and experience the enchantment of rose-cut diamonds and 18K gold.