6 Carats Emeralds and 2.9 Carats Diamonds Drop Earring

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These earrings feature an exquisite design with an emphasis on emerald cabochons and diamonds, all set in 18K gold. The emerald cabochons in these earrings have a total weight of 16 carats, showcasing their captivating green color. Cabochon-cut emeralds have a smooth, rounded surface, enhancing their natural beauty and providing a unique aesthetic.

Complementing the emeralds are dazzling diamonds, which have a total weight of 2.9 carats. The diamonds are rose cut, allowing them to catch and reflect light, resulting in a brilliant sparkle. The combination of emeralds and diamonds creates a striking contrast, with the vibrant green of the emeralds juxtaposed against the scintillating white of the diamonds.

The earrings are set in 18K gold, known for its durability making it a perfect choice for collectors who wish to enjoy the value of these earring for a long time to come.

With their impressive gemstone sizes and luxurious materials, these earrings are likely to be a statement piece that commands attention. They would make a stunning addition to any jewelry collection and can be worn on special occasions or as a lavish everyday accessory.

Emerald Cab (16 Cts)

Diamond (2.9 Cts)

18K Gold (18.4 grams)