6.27 Carat Ruby Earrings

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Introducing our charming Ziya Small Earrings, a delightful pair that combines the timeless beauty of round diamonds and the rich allure of rubies. These earrings feature a total of 0.45 carats of round diamonds and 6.27 carats of vibrant rubies, accented by an additional 0.8 carats of round diamonds, meticulously crafted to adorn your ears with elegance and sophistication.


- Round Diamonds: 0.45 Carats

  - Our Ziya Small Earrings are adorned with 0.45 carats of round diamonds, carefully selected for their brilliance and clarity. These diamonds add a touch of sparkle and radiance to the earrings.

- Rubies: 6.27 Carats

  - The vibrant rubies, totaling 6.27 carats, are the centerpiece of these earrings. Their deep red color symbolizes love and passion, making these earrings a striking and meaningful choice.

- Additional Round Diamonds: 0.8 Carats

  - Surrounding the rubies are an additional 0.8 carats of round diamonds, enhancing the overall allure of the earrings and creating a harmonious balance between diamonds and rubies.